Air-Cooled Diesel Engine – HL292FE

Quick Specs

  • Displacement: 997cc
  • Continuous Output: 13.5 kW – 14.5 kW

With displacement of 997cc, double-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine HL292FE delivers a maximum 15.6 kW(20.9 hp) power output. Efficient oil-bath air cleaner system ensures that your equipment function at their peak performance when needed.

Direct injection combustion brings better fuel economic. Our engine are compact in structure and small in size. On top of that, our diesel engine can be produced with multiple PTO shafts, suitable for various machines and equipment.

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TypeSingle-cylinder, Vertical 4-stroke air cooled diesel engine
Displacement997 cc
Compression Ratio20.5 : 1
Bore x Stroke92x75 mm
Maximum Output14.7kW (19.7hp) @3000rpm; 15.6kW (20.9hp) @3600rpm
Continuous Output13.5kW (18.1hp) @3000rpm; 14.5kW (19.4hp) @3600rpm
Power Take OffCrankshaft
Revolution DirectionCounterclockwise (Viewed from output shaft)
Cooling SystemForced air by flywheel fan
Lubricating SystemForced lubrication and splash lubrication
Starting SystemRecoil Start
Fuel Tank7 Liters
Lub Oil Capacity2.6 Liters
Starting Motor12V-1.7kW
Accumulator CapacitorAbove 12V, 45Ah
Fuel Consumption291 ml/kW.h @3000rpm; 312 ml/kW.h @3600rpm
Dimension557x463x587 mm
Dry Weight88 kg

Performance measured after 30 hours running-in, with air cleaner and exhaust silencer.

  • Atmospheric conditions: ISO3046/1
  • Barometric pressure: 100kPa[750mmHg]
  • Temperature: 25℃[298K]
  • Humidity: 30%
KeywayK136.5 mmWater Pump, Agricultural MachineryView
KeywayK225.40 mmWater Pump, Agricultural MachineryView
KeywayK331.75 mmWater Pump, Agricultural MachineryView
ThreadP225.40 mmWater Pump, Agricultural MachineryView